My name is Simone Braunstein, I work as a sports mental coach and accompany amateur riders as well as professional riders.

From a young age, I competed regularly. That's why I know 100% what it takes to be successful in sport.

Qualities such as discipline, willpower, courage and determination as well as dealing with failures, setbacks, injuries and team spirit are basic prerequisites for long-term success in sport.

I am one of the quieter people. I run my business very successfully without a lot of fuss, but with commitment from the heart. My clients say that I pick them up exactly where they are, without wrapping them in absorbent cotton and without overburdening them, make the impossible possible, they grow far beyond themselves and implement things they would not have believed in before.

I believe in the fine values, such as trust, sincerity and the joy of honest work.

This basic attitude makes it that I am successful in my business for years, people work with me sometimes 5 to 6 years, always find back to me and recommend me.

This happens because my work is authentic and unique in its form and with the talent to recognize the smallest details. 

How I work and with whom:

I donĀ“t work with people who only see their horses as a piece of sports equipment. Under no circumstances. Point.

I do not work with people who use excuses, blame others for their performance or who are not 100% reliable.

I work with people who want a positive change out of full conviction and are willing to invest in themselves and their goals.

Please note:

I am a sports mental coach and not a psychologist or psychotherapist. I do not make any healing promises or diagnoses.

My work does not replace a visit to a doctor or therapist. For the treatment of psychological & physical illnesses and disorders please contact appropriate psychological counseling centers, doctors or psychologists.

Coaching is a companion and serves for the development and optimal use of strengths, energies and potentials of a person.

For me, being authentic is very important, and that I have either done myself or gone through myself what I pass on to my athletes.

I also remain in the process of further development and above all at eye level with my athletes. The connection to the people I work with is very important to me, I don't want anything superficial.

I give a variety of opportunities to learn. My goal is to provide quality and achieve results that will have a long term impact on the lives of my athletes.