Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

General conditions of participation, business and registration of Braunstein Western Horses, Simone Braunstein.

1. registration/data protection, participation fee, due date

With receipt of your payment your seminar place is reserved. We may store, process and use the personal data you provide with the payment for our booking and seminar processing and for the purpose of customer care - it will not be passed on to third parties.

Online courses, classes and seminars are limited in terms of the number of participants. Registrations are considered in the order of receipt of payment and confirmed in writing. As soon as the online course, course or seminar is fully booked, we will inform you and offer you a place on the waiting list.

2. cancellation of the appointment

The online course, course or seminar can be canceled on our part in case of illness, force majeure, accident or comparable reasons. In this case, we will immediately refund the participation fee already paid. You have no further claims for damages, in particular not with regard to any travel or accommodation costs.

3. copyrights, confidentiality

You understand that the participant materials, recordings, and all documentation and materials used in the online course, class, and seminar are subject to copyright. Any reproduction in whole or in part, commercial use, publication or other disclosure to third parties is not permitted.

4. disclaimer

You confirm that we are not liable for any damaging events on the way to and from the seminar and in the seminar building and on the entire riding facility, nor for any damage to or loss of items that

you have brought with you. You participate at your own risk and responsibility. You are fully responsible for yourself and your own actions inside and outside the seminar and will be responsible for any damage caused by you.

Training Videos: Please be advised that no liability is assumed for any accidents that occur while imitating the exercises shown. Riding at your own risk.

It is expressly pointed out that no liability is assumed for accidents that happen while practicing the exercises/relaxation techniques. In case of health problems, please check with your doctor in advance.

5. withdrawal

Withdrawal is not possible. There is a 100%, financial commitment and there is no money-back guarantee.

On-site courses and seminars: Of course, a substitute person can take part in the course or seminar for you at any time without additional costs. In this case there will be no refund or credit on our part, any settlement will be made internally between you and the substitute participant.

Online courses: No substitute participant can take part in the online course on your behalf. Cancellation is not possible. There is a 100% financial commitment and there is no money-back guarantee. There will be no refund or credit on our part in this case.

6. mental and physical stress

Online course, course or seminar are intensive and can be exhausting. You are aware that these are not psychotherapy or medical treatment and cannot replace such treatment. Your participation requires normal mental/physical resilience. You confirm that you are mentally/physically resilient and will not hold Braunstein Western Horses, Simone Braunstein or any third party responsible for any psychological/physical effects during or after the online course, class or seminar.

7. exclusion from the seminar, no refund of the participation fee

You understand that we may exclude you from the online course, class or seminar if, in the determination of the instructor, you jeopardize the safety or learning success of the group. In the event of an exclusion or if you fail to attend or stop at your own request before the end of the online course, class or seminar, we will not refund the participation fee or any other costs.

8. your rights as a person

According to the EU-DSGVO you have the right to:

Information about the processing of your data Correction or deletion of your data Restriction of processing (only storage is still possible) Objection to processing Data portability Revocation of your given consent with effect for the future Complaint to the data protection supervisory authority.

9. no sound, picture and video recordings

You may not make any sound, image or video recordings - unless you obtain the express, written consent of Simone Braustein in advance.

10 Validity of these conditions 

With your registration you agree to the general conditions of participation, business and registration of Braunstein Western Horses, Simone Braunstein. Individual clauses can only be deviated from by prior, express written agreement with Braunstein Western Horses, Simone Braunstein. In this case, all other clauses shall continue to apply in full.

Our privacy policy can be found here: https://www.braunstein-western-horses.comdatenschutz/

Please read the privacy policy before booking. By submitting payment, you agree to your information being used to process your request. (Note: For more information, please see the privacy policy.

Do you have any questions? 

We are happy to help you! Just send us an e-mail or give us a call: Your contact person: Simone Braunstein