Are you curious why you find it difficult to keep your attitude and emotions under control in competitive situations, while others seem to remain calm, composed and confident?

Why some riders have extremely great success even in difficult conditions?

Want to know more?

Who doesn't know those moments when you feel tension, nervousness and pressure to perform, when your concentration goes down the drain, moments when a mistake creeps in, when your thoughts and emotions are on a roller coaster.

How often are you unable to perform at your best in competition situations?

How often do you find out after a horse show that you didn´t react optimally in the most important moments?

How often do you let yourself be distracted by external influences during the competition or even before the competition?

How often do you spend your preparation for a competition with doubts, with worries, with fears, with everything but the positive focus and self-confidence that you need before the competition?

You would love to stay calm, composed and confident with your horse in competition preparation and in the show pen? But you just do not succeed?

You are not alone.

Many of my clients come to me with exactly this issue and then, a few weeks, a few months later, when they start to work more on their mindset and invest in themselves instead of just tinkering with their strategy, their whole riding life changes.

How is it with you? Do you wish to stay calm, composed and confident to finally show all your skills together with your horse?

instead of entering the show pen relaxed and full of confidence, you feel not only your horse galloping away but also your pulse?

Do you find it difficult to find the necessary calmness and concentration just before the start?

Then you have come to the right place.

Create Success with Ease and Happiness

In my coaching you will learn how to:

  • deal with pressure and stress
  • stay fully in your concentration at the right moment
  • optimize your reaction time and your movements
  • deal with stage fright
  • deal with mistakes and defeats
  • deal with criticism and slights from outside
  • deal with emotions such as frustration, disappointment, anger and resentment
  • prepare yourself optimally for the competition
  • keep your performance at a high level
  • reach your ideal flow state

From amateur riders to professional riders, everyone is welcome in my sport mental training.

My coaching is clear and precise. For me, every person is unique.

My knowledge is vast and I love to share it holistically. This means not only effective exercises and customized training strategies for your success, but also the know-how and the strength to implement them.

This offer is for you if you want to convince in the show pen. I will guide you through this process with a lot of clarity, so that you have a clear picture and a clear plan to perform confidently and successfully. 

WHERE does the coaching take place?
  • online
  • on site, if desired
A few notes:

I don´t work with people who only see their horses as a piece of sports equipment. Under no circumstances. Point.

I do not work with people who use excuses, blame others for their performance or who are not 100% reliable.

I work with people who want positive change out of complete conviction and are willing to invest in themselves and their goals.

My offer is definitely not for everyone - but when I work with you, you have my full attention.

If you are interested in working with me or have any questions, you can find the contact form below.
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Simone and I have been working together intensively for over a year now. She has helped me a lot in many respects - not only in the matter of tournament sports - and we have already worked out a lot so far. Simone has helped me to get out of a real motivational hole and to develop joy again. Her help and instructions are extremely easy to implement and integrate, and with many exercises you immediately feel the positive effects. Simone is empathetic, picks you up at the right place and challenges without overwhelming. However, if you are looking for someone who only does "sugar coating" and talks after your mouth, you are in the wrong place. The work with Simone is always honest, authentic and open, but never hurtful. I especially like that as a coachee you can define the boundaries of what you want to look at and work on yourself. In difficult situations she is always available and stands by you. She definitely looks at the coachee holistically from all sides and not just as an athlete. CLAUDIA

What I like very much dear Simone, is your balanced way when you work with horses and people. The professional guidance that you bring as a sport mental coach is fantastic - the success speaks for itself! I am thrilled to see the progress!!! Yes, it is worth it dear Simone to apply your valuable tips. What still convinces me to learn from you is that you are a really great person, stay grounded and always meet me at eye level and are there with full attention, know immediately what is needed to achieve its goal. ROSWITHA

Simone not only took me to a completely different level in terms of riding, but also I grew mentally thanks to her valuable tips and coaching. I have more self-confidence, know my strengths and know what I can still work on. I am grateful to Simone for the experiences I was able to have trough her and for her loving, humorous nature. For me, she is the best coach. DANI

I now have a clear goal in mind and tools at hand to help me achieve my goals. This strengthens me in my progress and above all it brings me into action and that in turn gives me confidence, self-assurance and well-being. I am grateful that I have you dear Simone, as my mentor at my side, your work with people and horses is just indescribably beautiful. Thank you very much for that. KERSTIN

I like the holistic approach of Simone's work and the calm and serenity she radiates. In my opinion, Simone has a lot of expertise and also an extraordinary empathy. She has a good sense of which topics are currently in the foreground and what may be worked on next. I like the clear and correct handling and feel totally in good hands. Thank you very much for your special commitment and your personal guidance during the last months! ANNA

I have benefited so much from working with Simone! I find her work truly unique. Simone can empathize with any rider, whether recreational or competitive, she has been through all the instances herself. I felt absolutely understood by Simone, equipped with new ideas and the joy of being able to be an even better partner to my horse. I can only give my full recommendation to everyone! Thank you very much for the new perspectives and inspirations Simone. BEATE

Since I am always tense at the horse show and very nervous, especially when entering the show pen, I started working with Simone. The sports mental coaching is really great !! With her empathic, honest manner and her knowledge, paired with really great exercises, Simone gets you to actually be able to implement the whole thing at the crucial point. You suddenly realize how much more concentrated and focused you are in the situation itself. I am also really impressed about her commitment. You get the feeling of not being left alone and always having her in the background. i really appreciate her work and I´m happy to have Simone by my side. THERESA